Pre-sales preparation of the business

We provide a comprehensive service for the pre-sale preparation of the business, conducting an in-depth analysis, develop a strategy and roadmap.

Our consultants are ready to provide you with the expertise you need for projects of any complexity. We also have partners – legal, accountancy and auditing firms, industrial and technology consultants, bank services specializing on distressed and toxic assets.

The procedure for pre-sale preparation of the business

  1. Data collection and analysis.

Before developing the project implementation plan, a thorough analysis of all the inputs is conducted. To this end, we ask our clients to provide the fullest information possible.

Depending on each specific case, the information can be checked in different ways:

  • preliminary assessment (e.g. your assets are reviewed against comparable properties or the assessment can be based on preliminary valuation reports);
  • counteragents’ letters of intent for cooperation;
  • preliminary negotiations with partners (e.g. about a partnership buyout);
  • preliminary financial model;
  • tax risk assessment;
  • audit (technology audit, developer audit, geological audit);
  • marketing research, etc.

As we analyze and revise the information, additional data may be needed.

  1. Designing Project Implementation Strategy and Long-Term Development Program

After the data collection and analysis, we create the Project Implementation Strategy (the timeframe covered should be at least 5 years), which includes the following:

  • clearly defined and measurable strategic goals of the organization’s development;
  • information about the organization’s current position in the sector;
  • target business model;
  • strategic initiatives set by the company management.

Strategic initiative is the strategic means through which an organization can compel its opponent to behave in a certain way.

Long-Term Development Program is aligned with and derived from the Strategy. It describes the list of measures and tools used to reach the objectives outlined in the Strategy, specifying the amount and sources of financing for a 3-5-year period.

  1. Approval of the Strategy and Long-Term Development Program.

The Strategy and Long-Term Development Program are considered and approved by the client.

  1. Preparing task assignments.

Detailed task assignments are written for all executors.

Executors can be in-house or outsourced staff.

A well-constructed assignment plays an important role in the success of the project: it helps coordinate the efforts of everyone involved in the project to work toward a common goal more effectively.

  1. Project implementation.

In the course of the project implementation, the Strategy may be adjusted in response to changing conditions. We monitor the project’s schedule performance and overall progress and are ready to step in if any bottlenecks occur.

Strategy implementation consistency is crucial for the success of your project.

Our employees have experience working with companies:

Why You Can Trust Us?

Over a decade of experience on the market

Professionals in M&A with experience of working in large corporations and international consulting companies

Total immersion in your project

We discuss the strategy with you in detail and conduct a thorough analysis of the project to minimize risks. We always have several stress scenarios up our sleeves

Deliver results

We are trusted by large commercial organizations and state companies.

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