Sell-side advisory/capital raising

Complex management of an asset sale from search for buyers to final closing of a transaction

Our specialists are M&A professionals with extensive experience of working as heads of legal departments in large corporations and M&A consultants for international advisory firms.

Sale of business

  1. Preparation of materials.
  • Investment memorandum, financial model, investment presentation, etc.
  • Drafting of a list of potential buyers.
  1. Negotiation.
  • Negotiations with potential buyers.
  • Preparation of a letter of intent (agreements reached and transaction performance plan with contractors and time frames are specified).
  1. Due diligence.
  • Formation of a data room.
  • Support of due diligence performance.
  1. Coordination of work of legal consultants.
  • Discussion of material and acceptable risks.
  • Preparation of texts of documents.
  1. Closing of a transaction.
  • Signing of documents and making of settlements.

Our employees have experience working with companies:

Why You Can Trust Us?

Over a decade of experience on the market

Professionals in M&A with experience of working in large corporations and international consulting companies

Total immersion in your project

We discuss the strategy with you in detail and conduct a thorough analysis of the project to minimize risks. We always have several stress scenarios up our sleeves

Deliver results

We are trusted by large commercial organizations and state companies.

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