Development of a lawyer chatbot to automate legal work

Behind this project was the idea that we need to create a large-scale legal company (platform) capable of operating nationwide. The aim of such platform would be to offer solutions and help users with a wide variety of legal issues.

Our vision

Such an ambitious goal could be achieved only in two ways:

  1. by automating small, common use cases and
  2. by giving our full attention to larger-scale strategic projects aimed at the development of the national economy.

We are convinced that our platform with time will be integrated with online services of courts, government agencies, and suchlike. Taking into account the increasing speed of digital change, this is likely to happen in the nearest future.

Perhaps most importantly, this way of development will hold a number of advantages for physical persons in comparison with the quality of the services they can access at the moment.

How are legal questions being handled now?

Physical persons dealing with small legal matters are now quite limited in their choice of sources of qualified legal advice. The time of a qualified lawyer often costs more than the question itself is worth. As a result, people end up going to some shady law firms that promise to take care of all their customers’ problems at almost no cost, ‘give guarantees’ and nothing good comes of it.

Our goal is to go through a typical case or a common query in as much detail as possible and create a chatboot that would automatically guide the customer through the legal process or provide the right solution.

What has been achieved so far?

Приложение по взысканию неустойки ДДУ

We have prepared one fairly common case – how to recover penalty for the contractor’s failure to meet their obligations under the share participation agreement.  Our automated law service helps systematize legal practice, set precedents, devise legal tactics of recovering contractual penalty, etc. The chatbot is based on thoroughly prepared, high-quality material.

Since we are against any abuse of rights , our service does not have the goal to maximize the amount of penalty payable or to inflict damage on contractors.

We believe that both sides should remain within the legal field and physical persons have the right to recover penalty, which is similar to the right of banks to demand penalty interest due for late payments, tax authorities, to demand penalty for late tax payment, or energy suppliers, to charge penalty for delayed payments of electricity bills.  All contractual penalty in favour of physical persons is accrued automatically without trial or any additional legal disputes. The use of our chatbot does not guarantee that the injured party will recover penalty but it significantly facilitates this process. We are hoping that the service will continue developing in the future and that soon our chatbot will be able to handle a broader range of tasks.

APEXCOM-BOT is a free application  that has passed all the tests and is now available on Google Play и AppStore. You can test the entire range of features of APEXCOM-BOT. At the moment the app is available totally free of charge:

Разрабатываем Стратегии для собственников бизнеса в целях оптимизации группы компаний, решения нестандартных задач и продажи активов. Оказываем услуги по сопровождению сделок M&A, управлению непрофильными активами и проектами в целом.

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