Реализация актива на стадии плана развития

Sale of an asset at the planning stage

Assets do not have to be reconstructed in order to be sold. As long as there is a detailed project schedule, an asset can be sold at the planning stage.

Sale of an asset at the project design stage

Our client was involved in a large infrastructure project  (the name of the project is not disclosed to protect client confidentiality).

The project consisted in building a port terminal comprising two parts:

  1. The terminal itself – the part owned by the investor.
  2. The quay wall of the terminal and the railroad, which was the project’s infrastructural part implemented by the state.

By the time our company stepped in the project, the design stage and some stages of the construction process had already started.

The project had to be put on hold when the budget funding assigned under the federal program was stopped and deferred to later years.

There remained an unfinished construction object which had to be mothballed. It was also necessary  to register public ownership rights to the property.

Реализация актива на стадии плана развития

The infrastructural object had a vast potential and attracted a lot of prospective investors even though it was stipulated that they would have to finish the construction at their own expense and the costs incurred would be reimbursed at the end of the project.

It was impossible to get a contract for the construction of the infrastructural part even with the reimbursement, simply because the state budget allowed no money for this.

After the project status analysis, we recommended our client to continue with the concession scheme.

This way he could obtain an authorization from the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimushchestvo) to complete the half-finished object and after the end of the construction works, get the reimbursement in the form of the concedent’s payment.

Concession-based projects usually imply a possibility of obtaining bank financing.

A detailed project roadmap was created.

In cooperation with the company responsible for the preparation of the infrastructure projects, we drafted a concession agreement offer, which included the following materials:

  • The object of the concession agreement – the property to be built or reconstructed  – should be registered;
  • Technical and economic characteristics of the object, including the financial model;
  • A brief description of the relevance, goals and objectives of the proposed concession agreement, including the problems it was aimed to tackle;
  • Economic feasibility and the mutual benefit of the parties.

Documents to reschedule the investment project were submitted to the Investment Department of JSCo RZD (Russian Railways) to coordinate the changes in the infrastructure’s cargo throughput.

As a result, the asset was successfully sold

Реализация актива на стадии плана развития

The research of the product’s target market was conducted. All the necessary materials were prepared for the submission of the application to the Russian government to conclude the concession agreement. The materials provided a solid framework for the project restart plan. The investors were offered a detailed development plan and the project was sold successfully.

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